Fresh Seeded Loaf

NEW! From the Glutafin Bakery

The Glutafin bakery has been busy in 2016, perfecting improvements across our Fresh and Longer Life gluten free bread range. We’ve improved the following gluten free bread recipes:

Glutafin Gluten Free Select Fresh White Loaf
Glutafin Gluten Free Select Fresh Brown Loaf
Glutafin Gluten Free Select White Loaf
Glutafin Gluten Free Select Fibre Loaf
Glutafin Gluten Free Select Seeded Loaf
Glutafin Gluten Free White Loaf
Glutafin Gluten Free Fibre Loaf

As customer feedback is important to us, we conducted taste tests with our customers, diagnosed coeliacs, and we were delighted with the results, with over 70% of tasters preferring our loaves to Juvela*.

Our bakers were pleased to hear that their new recipes had been so well received and set to work developing some exciting new products, using their knowledge and experience, combined with specially selected ingredients to produce great quality gluten free bread.

In May, we introduced our High Fibre Loaf (PIP 401-4296), a delicious nutty bread, crammed with seeds and innovative flours. It’s the highest fibre gluten free loaf available on prescription.

The bakers didn’t stop there though – they carried on innovating and we’re pleased to announce our NEW Fresh Seeded Loaf (PIP 402-3685). This deliciously soft white loaf is packed with a combination of Chia Seeds, Linseeds, Sunflower Seeds and Millet, offering a tasty bite to your gluten free sandwich! We’ve had some great feedback on the new Fresh Seeded Loaf so far:

“your new seeded fresh bread… YUUUUUM!!!”

“the best bread I’ve had since 1999!”

“many thanks for the sample of the new seeded bread, my husband says it tastes fantastic!”

Glutafin Gluten Free Select Fresh Breads are baked to order and delivered into your pharmacy on certain days, usually on Wednesday or Friday depending on when the order was placed. A single order of Glutafin gluten free select fresh bread contains eight loaves, all individually wrapped for maximum freshness and easy freezing.

Fresh ordering info table

*74% preferred the new Glutafin long life breads to current key competitor bread recipes. Based on independent taste tests which compared 12 long life breads (6 Glutafin and 6 Juvela) in March 2016 with a sample of 105 people diagnosed with coeliac disease.

The secret’s in the sourdough...

We’ve been delighted with the response that our new recipe loaves have received. A recent independent taste panel showed that 74% of coeliacs* preferred our new recipe breads to Juvela. So just how have we been able to improve the taste and texture of our bread to bring you our best-ever gluten-free loaves? We think at least some of this success is due to the addition of sourdough to all of our new recipe breads.

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Focus on Fibre

The Glutafin Gluten Free High Fibre Loaf is our highest fibre loaf yet, in fact it’s the highest fibre loaf available on prescription - providing you with 2.6g of fibre per slice! But what is fibre and why do we need to eat it?

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