the Glutafin Bakery

With over 30 years of specialist experience, our bakers have been working hard perfecting bread recipes.

The Glutafin Bakery is where the magic happens. It’s where we come up with new ideas, try out new recipes and most importantly it’s where we make our great tasting bread.

The Glutafin Bakers have been working hard, combining brand new recipes and innovative ideas with traditional methods, to revolutionise how gluten free bread is made.

Our Bakers

Our Master Bakers have been carefully crafting gluten free bread recipes for years. They’ve been continuing to refine and improve as they’re not willing to settle for cakey, metallic tasting gluten free bread. Our bakers have developed a range of exciting new recipes which use traditional ingredients and methods, bringing you our best breads yet with better taste and texture. Don’t just take our word for it; we taste-tested our new loaves against the previous versions and most of our tasters preferred the new recipe.

Traditionally Made

Improved Taste & Flavour

Quality Ingredients

Our Ingredients

We have blended the perfect mix of carefully selected ingredients such as quinoa, sorghum, linseeds and sunflower seeds which provide essential nutrients including B-vitamins, while the addition of natural sourdough gives a lighter texture and improved flavour.

As well as ensuring we use the best quality ingredients, we take careful care in ensuring that our breads are fortified with nutrients that are so important for people with coeliac disease. Our new improved breads are now higher in fibre; an essential nutrient for coeliacs as a gluten free diet can often be low in fibre due to the removal of certain cereals. Some of our breads are also fortified with calcium, a key nutrient to help prevent osteoporosis.

Our Methods

Gluten free bread used to be made like batter – more like how you would make a Victoria sandwich. This is why so many gluten free breads, including our old loaves, could have a cakey texture. But no more. We make bread the old fashioned way. We knead it, prove it, knock it back and let it rise again.
The only thing we do differently is make it gluten free. Glutafin gluten free bread, made in the way bread should be made, tastes like bread should, but without the gluten.

Our Breads

Our newly-designed re-sealable packs give you a ‘just baked’ taste like never before, sealing in the freshness of each loaf from the moment it’s baked, without the use of preservatives. They’re ready to eat straight from the pack.

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